Quercus rubra
Zone: 4


Height: 16 m
Spread: 15 m
Foliage: Dark green
Fall: Red
Shape: Rounded
Flower: Yellowish-green catkins


A rapid growing tree that withstands pollution and is well adapted to street and lawn plantings. Dark green lobed leaves turn dark red in autumn. Its growth habit is broadly pyramidal when young and rounded as it grows older. Leaves hang onto the tree into winter.


Quercus alba
Zone: 3


Height: 20 m
Spread: 20 m
Foliage: Glossy green
Fall: Purplish-red
Shape: Irregular, broad
Flower: Catkins


Strong, disease resistant and drought tolerant. Pyramidal, broad and irregularly rounded shape. Acorns.


Quercus palustris
Zone: 4


Height: 25 m
Spread: 13 m
Foliage: Dark glossy green
Fall: Rusty-orange to red
Shape: Pyramidal
Flower: Yellowish-green catkins


A great shade tree turns to brilliant red in the Fall. Rapid grower, easy to transplant and develops strong central leader. Leaves are multi-lobed and pointed, stay on the tree into the winter. Does well in wet or poorly drained soils.

Crimson Spire

Quercus robar ‘Crimson Spire’
Zone: 4


Height: 15 m
Spread: 5 m
Shape: Columnar
Foliage: Blue-green
Fall: Brilliant red


A good choice for small areas where height is limited

Pyramidal English

Quercus robur ‘Fastigiata’
Zone: 4


Height: 15 m
Spread: 5 m
Shape: Narrow
Foliage: Dark green
Fall: Yellow-brown


Columnar Oak, dark green leaves, upright branching. Excellent for narrow spaces or as a specimen tree.