About Us

MurrayTrees began as a hobby interest over 25 years ago. This passion for sustainable diversity was ignited by my role in helping establish the newly created Tree Canada Foundation, and a way of finding rejuvenation from a demanding career as a corporate change agent. Apart from the natural beauty of trees, the critical necessity of healthy trees for the environment and our quality of life turned my curiosity into a life’s quest.

With over 20,000 trees planted and more than 125 different species (conifers, native deciduous, ornamentals and “exotics”) in eight different plantations, MurrayTrees remains primarily a recreational enterprise. A video tour of some of our plantations appears below.

We do not advertise – our sales come from “word of mouth” testimonials from a long list of satisfied customers. There are many “tree operations” today with (in my judgement at least) an extremely limited knowledge of how to ensure tree health and survival. We offer our customers that advice freely and enthusiastically.

Our point of difference is that our trees are never “pre-dug” for sale. Rather, they’re chosen by our customers while still in the ground, thus ensuring healthy trees that suit their needs – whether that be to enhance their property values, for personal enjoyment, fence rows or windbreaks, or better climate control for their homes. The list of tree benefits can be found here.

By both design and a commitment to the environment, 80% of our trees will never be removed from the ground. They will live for the benefit of future generations. The remaining trees are available for purchase on an appointment basis only. Please browse this website to see if your desired tree is among our extensive inventory (click “Our Trees” for a description of most of the species currently available).

Jim Murray
Chief Tree Officer

Videography by Expert Drone Photography