Tilia Americana ‘Redmond’
Zone: 4


Height: 20 m
Spread: 10 m
Foliage: Glossy light green
Fall: Bright yellow


Has a pyramidal head. Branches show red in the winter. Grows rapidly as a young tree. It has the largest leaves of the cultivars.


Tilia x flavescens ‘Glenleven’
Zone: 3


Height: 16 m
Spread: 12 m
Foliage: Dark glossy green
Fall: Yellow


Somewhat faster growing than cordata and noted for the straight stem it forms. Flower is creamy-yellow.

Little Leaf

Tilia cordata
Zone: 3


Height: 16 m
Spread: 8 m
Foliage: Dark shiny green
Fall: Yellow


One of the best shade trees, it has a dense pyramidal shape. Heart-shaped leaves are dark green with a medium texture that turns golden-yellow in the Fall. Can withstand adverse conditions. Fragrant creamy-yellow flowers and disease free.


Tilia europaea ‘Wratislaviensis’
Zone: 4


Height: 15 m
Spread: 7 m
Foliage: Deep yellow
Fall: Orange-yellow


Deep yellow leaves give this broad, pyramidal Linden an unusual appearance and make it a great accent tree. The flower is yellowish-white.