Fraxinus americana
Zone: 3


Height: 21.5 m
Spread: 20 m
Shape: Upright, oval
Foliage: Green to purple
Fall: Yellow
Fruit: Winged, seed


A rapid growing native tree that develops an oval canopy. Foliage is bright green in the summer. Turning to shades of yellow, orange, and purple in the fall. Needs a well drained site.

Autumn Purple

Fraxinus americana ‘Junginger’
Zone: 4


Height: 16 m
Spread: 10 m
Foliage: Deep green
Fall: Deep purple


A seedless variety with beautiful Fall colours – hues vary in different years from mottled yellow-orange to orange-red and deep purple. Oval shaped.

Autumn Applause

Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Applause’
Zone: 4


Height: 20 m
Spread: 16 m
Shape: Compact
Foliage: Green
Fall: Wine-red


A seedless variety that has an outstanding branch arrangement and a finely textured appearance. Produces a compact crown. The best fall colour of the White Ash, colouring to a deep wine-red hue in September until frost.