We offer a number of related services, including:

Landscaping and Tree-planting Consultations

Landscaping and tree planting is not inexpensive. But it is certainly an investment that should pay dividends for years to come – in the value of your property and in your enjoyment of same.

So it's important that you get it right.

If you are you thinking about developing your property landscape or creating practical, visually pleasing outdoor "spaces" that will better accommodate your needs or see your vision come to life, then talk to us.

We can help. We can evaluate and advise you on the current condition and layout of your property scape and provide ideas for improving the look and functionality of the space. We will assess the health of your existing tree stock, recommend how to improve, transplant or replace it with something that would be more suitable to your plan or your dreams. We do try to make the best use of materials already available on the property and will work within the parameters of your budget.

Depending on the scope of the project, we can do the landscaping for you or advise on who might be the best alternative. And we can always provide the tree stock, whatever your needs may be.


Under certain circumstances, we allow volume buyers to select and dig trees on our property. In general, when this occurs, the purchaser can subtract $30./tree from the negotiated cost of sale. Under the self-dig arrangement, all invoices are payable in full before the trees are removed from the property (for new customers, a deposit may be required prior to digging). Terms and conditions (such as spade size, filling of holes and tree selection) will be negotiated prior to the finalization of purchase. Understandably, the purchaser will reimburse the vendor for any trees damaged in the removal of the selected trees at a pre-determined cost. The vendor will honour any quoted price for a period of 30 days. (See also General Terms and Conditions of Sale.)

Tree Spading Services

We can provide (or recommend) transplanting services for large and small tree planting projects.

Larger Tree Sales

We began planting in 1996 and continue to plant yearly. Thus, many trees have not reached their full, mature height. However, through several companies in the tree nursery and landscaping business sectors, we can arrange to accommodate your need for larger trees (beyond what our current inventory provides). If requested, we will give you a direct personal reference. In any business, one has to be careful about the quality and reputation of vendors. We pride ourselves in dealing with “good people” in the industry – people with whom we deal on a regular basis.

For further information, please contact us directly.