About Us

"Murraytrees" began as a hobby passion around the mid 90s.  Ignited by my role in helping establish the newly created Tree Canada Foundation, it was a way of finding balance and rejuvenation from an increasingly demanding career in the marketing communications industry. Apart from the natural beauty of trees, my discovery of the critical necessity of healthy trees for the environment and our quality of living turned this curiosity into a life's quest.

My first planting consisted of 3,000 conifer seedlings – mainly Balsam and Fraser Fir, White Pine and Colorado Blue Spruce – most of which are now well over 20 feet in height and in the ground for all time. Walking or cross-country skiing under them is reason alone for the planting. I had diligently attended to the care and shaping of each one. It was an enjoyable, relaxing pursuit and fed my need (some would say affliction) to always be "busy" doing something. From there, I experimented with the importation and growing of non-indigenous species, what are called “exotics” in the tree business.

In the years following, deciduous trees were introduced into my ever-expanding plantations – primarily Maples initialluy. Well over two dozen different species of Maples, with distinctive colours and unique shapes, are now situated among the plantations. I continue to add new varieties yearly and, years later, decided to develop a choice selection of zone-hardy ornamentals.

With over 20,000 trees and more than 95 different species, MurrayTrees was launched as a highly selective enterprise dedicated to growing and selling healthy trees for the environment. The little advertising we do is by "word of mouth" from a growing list of satisfied customers. Our point of difference is that trees are never "pre-dug" for sale. Rather, they are chosen by our customers while still in the ground, thus always ensuring a healthy tree for planting on their own properties. 

There are many "tree operations" today with (in my judgement) an extremely limited knowledge of how to ensure tree health, growth and survival. We offer our customers that advice freely and enthusiastically. We also advise them on the type of trees that best suit their reasons for buying – whether that be to enhance their property value, for personal enjoyment or aesthetics, for fence rows or windbreaks, etc.

By design and commitment, 90% of our trees will never be removed from the ground.  They will live for the benefit of future generations. The remaining trees, however, are available for purchase on an appointment basis only. So please browse this website to see if your desired tree is among our extensive inventory (click Our Trees for a description of most of the species currently available).

An arboretum of specimen trees is also available  to enable novice purchasers to actually “see” what their trees might look like in another 20 years or so. For, as trees grow and mature, they take on different shapes, colours and bark textures.   

This website is hopefully self-explanatory.  Like my plantations, I am hopeful that the Photo Gallery will continue to grow. The site contains guidance on how to choose and care for your trees to ensure they outlive you and your children. And I am receptive to freely providing my counsel and insights on your tree selection and growing challenges. Simply e-mail me with your questions.

Jim Murray
Chief Tree Officer